Your Daily Docket – Friday April 21, 2017

EPA Regulatory Reform Sample Comment Scripts for the Savvy Citizen.


Clean Energy Means Jobs – Sample Script for Friday, April 21, 2017:

(Please do not cut and paste!  Edit the script to make it your own and add personal commentary.  These scripts are designed to inform and are for inspiration and ideas!)

Click here to submit your comments:  Proposed Rule (Evaluation of Existing Regulations) and Comment Submission Link  

Clean Energy Means Jobs

“Regarding the criteria for reviewing  regulations that eliminate jobs or inhibit job creation: Economic growth for the US is in clean energy, clean water and other green technologies, not in polluting and carbon-based industries. The fossil fuel industries (coal, oil, gas) employ fewer people than the solar industry. (Bloomberg Solar and other clean energy jobs are growing in the US and abroad. There are over 8 million solar energy jobs worldwide, and solar jobs are projected to grow to 24 million in 2030. EPA regulations should protect the environment and support the economic benefits of clean energy simultaneously.”

Background Information – Regulatory Reform Summary

What is “Your Daily Docket”?

 – 3 weeks of daily scripts until the Public Comment period closes May 15, 2017 –

Your Daily Docket provides 3 weeks of daily scripts for public comments for the Proposed Rule, Evaluation of Existing Regulations, aka (in Trump/Pruitt’s minds) “how best to gut the EPA”.  Trump/Pruitt are likely expecting industry to flood the public comments docket with their wish lists, and call it a day on May 15 when the comment period closes. However, a quick look at the comments submitted so far have been more to the tune of, “I like to breathe. When I can’t breathe I get scared. I also like to drink water.”

We want to encourage you and your neighbors to enter comments on the open docket early and often until the public comment period closes on May 15.

Your Daily Docket provides daily scripts for ideas and inspiration for your own comments. Take the daily comments and make them your own. We aim to make each Your Daily Docket speak to a particular issue.

Let’s use our collective voice for ourselves, our planet and future generations!


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