Your Daily Docket – Wednesday, April 26, 2017

EPA Regulatory Reform Sample Comment Scripts for the Savvy Citizen.


I Support Clean Energy and the Clean Power Plan – Sample Script for Wednesday, April 26, 2017:

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I Support Clean Energy and the Clean Power Plan

I would like to comment on the Clean Power Plan and the erroneous idea that the cost to enforce the Plan will exceed its benefits. The Clean Power Plan, finalized by the EPA in 2015, set limits for the first time on carbon pollution from existing power plants which are the largest source of global warming emissions.

The cost-benefit analyses of the Clean Power Plan show that the benefits of reducing carbon pollution produce huge health and economic benefits for the American public—benefits that far exceed the cost of transitioning to clean energy.  For every dollar spent on the Clean Power Plan, Americans will gain up to $4 worth of health benefits. And it has been shown that the Plan will lower electricity bills for consumers. (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2015)

I, along with most Americans, support EPA’s regulation of carbon pollution and want these efforts to continue as planned. I am frustrated and dismayed that the powerful fossil fuel and utility industries have deliberately misled and blocked the Clean Power Plan every step of the way including Scott Pruitt who, as Oklahoma’s Attorney General, sued the EPA more than a dozen times on behalf of the fossil fuel industry.

I am on the side of companies like Apple and Microsoft who support renewable energy development as part of the Clean Power Plan. Clean energy technologies are the way of the future, and I believe the EPA should continue to carry out the Clean Power Plan and work with states and the utility industry to innovate and transition toward a clean energy economy and global competitiveness.

Fun facts that show that clean energy means jobs, jobs, jobs: (Rogers, 2017)

  • There are millions of Americans working in clean energy jobs surpassing the number of jobs in the coal and natural gas industries.
  • There are close to 2 million people across the U.S working in the energy efficiency sector.
  • The solar industry employs 250,000 Americans.
  • There are 100,000 people working in the wind power industry.
  • The coal industry employed 76,572 people in 2014, the latest year for which data is available. The future is dismal for job growth in coal due to the increase in automation.
  • 1 million homes in the U.S. have solar power.
  • Wind power is the 4th largest source of electricity supply in the U.S. and is cheaper than natural gas and nuclear in some locations.

Rogers, J. (2017, April 15). The Amazing Renewables Race: Ranking the States on Clean Energy. (Podcast). Retrieved April 25, 2017.

(2015, August 15). How Much Will the Clean Power Plan Cost?. Union of Concerned Scientists. Retrieved April 25, 2017, from

Background Information – Regulatory Reform Summary

What is “Your Daily Docket”?

 – 3 weeks of daily scripts until the Public Comment period closes May 15, 2017 –

Your Daily Docket provides 3 weeks of daily scripts for public comments for the Proposed Rule, Evaluation of Existing Regulations, aka (in Trump/Pruitt’s minds) “how best to gut the EPA”.  Trump/Pruitt are likely expecting industry to flood the public comments docket with their wish lists, and call it a day on May 15 when the comment period closes. However, a quick look at the comments submitted so far have been more to the tune of, “I like to breathe. When I can’t breathe I get scared. I also like to drink water.”

We want to encourage you and your neighbors to enter comments on the open docket early and often until the public comment period closes on May 15.

Your Daily Docket provides daily scripts for ideas and inspiration for your own comments. Take the daily comments and make them your own. We aim to make each Your Daily Docket speak to a particular issue.

Let’s use our collective voice for ourselves, our planet and future generations!

Featured image information: EAST RIVER AND MANHATTAN SKYLINE IN HEAVY SMOG. New York May, 1973. Environmental Protection Agency. Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S). Public Domain.

3 thoughts on “Your Daily Docket – Wednesday, April 26, 2017”

  1. I want the efforts of the EPA to regulate carbon pollution and support the Clean Energy Act. I am angered by the efforts of the fossil fuel & utility industries to block the plan every step of the way. We are talking about the quality of life on our planet here and the effects of killing pollution. We don’t have time any more to support money interests that counter the interests of the public!


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