Your Daily Docket – Tuesday, May 9, 2017

EPA Regulatory Reform Sample Comment Scripts for the Savvy Citizen.


EPA Vehicle Emissions Standards – Sample Script for Tuesday, May 9, 2017:

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EPA Vehicle Emissions Standards

I oppose any rollback of EPA Vehicle Emission Standards.  According to the EPA’s own midterm report in late 2016, regarding these standards (1):

  • “Auto manufacturers can meet the MY 2022-2025 standards at slightly lower per-vehicle costs than predicted in the TAR, and lower costs than predicted in the 2012 rule making that established the standards.
  • “The current standards will save consumers money and provide benefits to the health and welfare of Americans.
  • “Automakers have a wide range of technology pathways available to meet the standards. Standards are achievable with very low penetration of strong hybrids, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This finding is consistent with the conclusions the National Academy of Sciences found in a comprehensive 2015 study.
  • “Automakers have outperformed the standards for the first four years of the program (MY2012-2015) and manufacturers are adopting fuel efficient technologies at unprecedented rates, all while vehicle sales have increased for 6 consecutive years. There are over 100 car, SUV, and pickup versions on the market today that already meet 2020 or later standards.”

In short, the EPA has already reviewed this regulation in depth and in detail, using the best available science to inform these conclusions. 

Automakers claim that this rule should be rolled back or rescinded.  Their arguments are deceptive.  They ignore their own successful innovations; they cherry-pick the data to reach conclusions not supported by the data overall; in some cases, they simply lie (such as by claiming that gas prices are “near historic averages when adjusted for inflation,” but the very data cited shows that, in fact, gas prices today are 10 percent below the inflation-adjusted average (2).”

The fact that this regulation is working is a reason to keep it in place, NOT to rescind or modify it.

Guest Contributor – M.M. Seattle WA


(1)    “Midterm Evaluation of Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Standards for Model Years 2022-2025.” EPA. Environmental Protection Agency, 23 Mar. 2017. Web. 06 May 2017.

(2)    “Five Deceptive Tactics Automakers Are Using to Fight Fuel Economy Standards.” Union of Concerned Scientists. N.p., 18 July 2016. Web. 06 May 2017.


What is “Your Daily Docket”?

 – 3 weeks of daily scripts until the Public Comment period closes May 15, 2017 –

Your Daily Docket provides 3 weeks of daily scripts for public comments for the Proposed Rule, Evaluation of Existing Regulations, aka (in Trump/Pruitt’s minds) “how best to gut the EPA”.  Trump/Pruitt are likely expecting industry to flood the public comments docket with their wish lists, and call it a day on May 15 when the comment period closes. However, a quick look at the comments submitted so far have been more to the tune of, “I like to breathe. When I can’t breathe I get scared. I also like to drink water.”

We want to encourage you and your neighbors to enter comments on the open docket early and often until the public comment period closes on May 15.

Your Daily Docket provides daily scripts for ideas and inspiration for your own comments. Take the daily comments and make them your own. We aim to make each Your Daily Docket speak to a particular issue.

Let’s use our collective voice for ourselves, our planet and future generations!

Featured image information: EXODUS FROM CLEVELAND TO THE SUBURBS. Cleveland, OH. June, 1973. Environmental Protection Agency. Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S). Public Domain.



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