No Tacoma LNG – Starter Kit

“Washington State Democrats…as citizens of the planet, place the well-being of the people as our highest priority. We believe in the values of community, empathy, equality, tolerance, opportunity, and the common good of the interdependent world we share.”

2018 Washington State Democratic Legislative Priorities Agenda

We stand in solidarity with the large group of citizens who oppose Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) proposed massive liquefied natural gas refinery on the Tacoma tide flats.  We join the effort in outreach and advocacy within the Washington State Democratic Party.

Do you want to bring this issue to your community group?

On these pages we hope to provide you the information and tools you need to bring this issue to your local party organization (legislative district or county) and to pass a resolution in opposition to this hazardous project and in solidarity with the Puyallup Tribe, the environment, the citizens of Tacoma and beyond and to stand with truth, health, safety and respect.

On these pages you will find background information, a sample slide show to use at your community forum (pictures are very compelling!), a sample Resolution, links to articles and documents to support your work, and ways to connect with individuals who can support you every step of the way.

If you would like us to add a link or information you think might help the reader, please email indivisible wa enviro @ gmail dot com.

Starter Kit Links:

The Gist:

  1. The massive LNG facility is located on tide flats to be inundated by sea-level rise in 30 years (according to the City of Tacoma), sits on top of un-remediated superfund sites within a mile of residences and the Puyallup Tribe’s reservation and treaty-protected fishing.
  2. PSE does not have permits to do this work!  They lack the essential Puget Sound Clean Air Agency permit, as well as other core permits, Clean Water Act and DOE, which are contingent based on Clean Air Permit prior to construction. Tacoma Fire Department has not given the go-ahead. The construction is more than half completed.
  3. In addition, the project doubles down on new LNG infrastructure when we know full well the devastating GHG pollution caused by methane (gas) leaks and venting that is rampant throughout the supply chain.
  4. Since the scope of the project has changed from the final 2015 EIS (based on advertising on PSE’s website), there has long been a call to Stop Work and require a Supplemental EIS.
  5. PSE is a private company (Australian/Canadian) who stands to profit from this venture by externalizing the costs and risks to Tacoma citizens, workers, environment, and the climate.


January 24, 2018 – PSCAA required PSE to complete a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) with a full life-cycle analysis of the upstream and downstream impacts of the facility’s greenhouse gas footprint, potentially compromising PSE’s ability to secure a permit: Notice of Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Opposition Grows:

January 2018 –


Must see 6-Minute Video, Chasing Methane (LNG or fracked gas):