Resource Pages for National Monuments Under Threat

Here are IWEN’s links to Sample Comment Scripts and Resource Pages with curated resources and information for each Monument under review by the Department of the Interior (DOI). We hope this supports you to write strong, well-argued comments to the DOI’s public comment docket.  Be sure to address economic issues!  Here’s some great talking points to add to your comments:  Data Show Commercial Use of Public Lands is NOT an Economic Benefit.

Important Note: Signing an online petition put together by the Sierra Club or Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, for example, does not have the same impact as writing up your own comment and submitting it yourself to the docket. Unfortunately, when these groups upload the bundle of comments they collect, each of those bundles, submitted by each group, will only count as one comment when uploaded to So please take the time to write your own comments! You will create much more impact.

For more ideas on how to write a strong submission, click here: “Suggested Outline or “Hot Topic” Review List for Comments.” 

National Monuments Under Threat


photo: Giant Sequoia in Giant Sequoia National Monument. June, 2007